During these tough economic times more and more families are turning to The Salvation Army for help and hope.  Below are the most recent statistics from our Emergency Services office.

January 2013

Grocery orders provided-564, Utility Assistance-29, Clothing Items Distributed-17, Housing Assistance-3, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-4, Toys Distributed-14, Personal Comfort Kits-12, Other Services-125, Total persons Served-441 and Referrals to other Resources-26.

February 2013

Grocery orders provided-631, Utility Assistance-16, Clothing Items Distributed-31, Housing Assistance-6, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-4, Toys Distributed-2, Personal Comfort Kits-7, Other Services-34, Total persons Served-428 and Referrals to other Resources-22.

March 2013

Grocery orders provided-425, Utility Assistance-40, Clothing Items Distributed-24, Housing Assistance-9, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-1, Toys Distributed-4, Personal Comfort Kits-9, Other Services-64, Total persons Served-457 and Referrals to other Resources-48.

April 2013

Grocery orders provided-503, Utility Assistance-8, Clothing Items Distributed-22, Housing Assistance-5, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-1, Toys Distributed-10, Personal Comfort Kits-11, Other Services-50, Total persons Served-346 and Referrals to other Resources-35.

May 2013

Grocery orders provided-649, Utility Assistance-20, Clothing Items Distributed-5, Housing Assistance-13, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-4, Toys Distributed-16, Personal Comfort Kits-7, Other Services-119, Total persons Served-552 and Referrals to other Resources-32.

June 2013

Grocery orders provided-1006, Clothing Items Distributed-22, Housing Assistance-32, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-11, Toys Distributed-15, Personal Comfort Kits-9, Other Services-119, Total Persons Served-709 and Referrals to other Resources-35.

July 2013

Grocery orders provided-507, Clothing Items Distributed-19, Utility Assistance (gas or electric)-33, Housing Assistance-0, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-0, Toys Distributed-0, Personal Comfort Kits-11, Other Services-63, Total Persons Served-378 and Referrals to other Resources-63.

August 2013

Grocery orders provided-855, Clothing Items Distributed-32, Utility Assistance (gas or electric)-23, Housing Assistance-1, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-2, Toys Distributed-2, Personal Comfort Kits-12, Other Services-75, Total Persons Served-642 and Referrals to other Resources-87.



January 2012

Grocery orders provided-540, Utility Assistance-35, Clothing Items Distributed-23, Housing Assistance-12, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-5, Toys Distributed-89, Personal Comfort Kits-18, Other Services-203, Total persons Served-572 and Referrals to other Resources-35.

February 2012                                                                                                                                           Grocery orders provided-487, Utility Assistance-32, Clothing Items Distributed-17, Housing Assistance-8, Medical Orders Provided-14, Persons Transported-3, Toys Distributed-24, Personal Comfort Kits-11, Other Services-122, Total persons Served-443 and Referrals to other Resources-36.


March 2012 Grocery orders provided-328, Utility Assistance-53, Clothing Items Distributed-9, Housing Assistance-15, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-1, Toys Distributed-3, Personal Comfort Kits-2, Other Services-139, Total persons Served-452 and Referrals to other Resources-71.

April 2012 Grocery orders provided-769, Utility Assistance-35, Clothing Items Distributed-10, Housing Assistance-5, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-1, Toys Distributed-14, Personal Comfort Kits-14, Other Services-129, Total persons Served-585 and Referrals to other Resources-35.

May 2012 Grocery orders provided-647, Utility Assistance-57, Clothing Items Distributed-17, Housing Assistance-18, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-0, Toys Distributed-11, Personal Comfort Kits-12, Other Services-129, Total persons Served-590 and Referrals to other Resources-77.

June 2012 Grocery orders provided-583, Utility Assistance-28, Clothing Items Distributed-5, Housing Assistance-10, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-4, Toys Distributed-13, Personal Comfort Kits-15, Other Services-97, Total persons Served-565 and Referrals to other Resources-73.

July 2012 Grocery orders provided-657, Utility Assistance-13, Clothing Items Distributed-7, Housing Assistance-0, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-25, Toys Distributed-16, Personal Comfort Kits-18, Other Services-134, Total persons Served-534 and Referrals to other Resources-84.

August 2012 Grocery orders provided-944, Utility Assistance-13, Clothing Items Distributed-9, Housing Assistance-210, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported 25, Toys Distributed-17, Personal Comfort Kits-29  , Other Services-96, Total persons Served-660 and Referrals to other Resources-75.


September 2012 Grocery orders provided-920, Utility Assistance-5 Clothing Items Distributed-21, Housing Assistance-390, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-1, Toys Distributed-17, Personal Comfort Kits-29 , Other Services-96, Total persons Served-680 and Referrals to other Resource-34.


October 2012 Grocery orders provided-694, Utility Assistance-0 Clothing Items Distributed-30, Housing Assistance-90, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-9, Toys Distributed-1, Personal Comfort Kits-17 , Other Services-116, Total persons Served-578 and Referrals to other Resources-98.


November 2012 Grocery orders provided-456, Utility Assistance-6 Clothing Items Distributed-29, Housing Assistance-9, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-3, Toys Distributed-10, Personal Comfort Kits-337 , Other Services-425, Total persons Served-407 and Referrals to other Resources-48.

December 2012 Grocery orders provided-509, Utility Assistance-22, Clothing Items Distributed-32, Housing Assistance-4, Medical Orders Provided-0, Persons Transported-13, Toys Distributed-4, Personal Comfort Kits-13, Other Services-141, Total persons Served-469 and Referrals to other Resources-32.


2011 Stats

January 2011                                                                                                                                           Grocery orders provided-715, Utility Assistance-63, Personal Comfort Kits-15, Prescription Assistance-6, total persons served-735 and referals to other resources-144.

February 2011                                                                                                                                         Grocery orders provided-307, Utility Assistance-43, Personal Comfort Kits-12, Prescription Assistance-3, total persons served-444 and referals to other resources-43.



March 2011                                                                                                                                               Grocery orders provided-290, Utility Assistance-32, Personal Comfort Kits-4, Prescription Assistance-4, total persons served-416 and referals to other resources-87.


April 2011                                                                                                                                                Grocery orders provided-410, Utility Assistance-62, Personal Comfort Kits-11, Prescription Assistance-13, total persons served-655 and referals to other resources-53.


May 2011                                                                                                                                                  Grocery orders provided-806, Utility Assistance-6, Personal Comfort Kits-27, Prescription Assistance-17, total persons served-588 and referals to other resources-39.

June 2011                                                                                                                                                  Grocery orders provided-798, Utility Assistance-1, Personal Comfort Kits-6, Prescription Assistance-14, total persons served-581 and referals to other resources-3.


July 2011                                                                                                                                                  Grocery orders provided-736, Utility Assistance-13, Personal Comfort Kits-5, Prescription Assistance-3, total persons served-644 and referals to other resources-4.



August 2011                                                                                                                                             Grocery orders provided-663, Utility Assistance-0, Personal Comfort Kits-5, Prescription Assistance-1, total persons served-693 and referals to other resources-118.

September 2011                                                                                                                                       Grocery orders provided-809, Utility Assistance-0, Personal Comfort Kits-20, Prescription Assistance-0, total persons served-598 and referals to other resources-46.

October 2011                                                                                                                                           Grocery orders provided-995, Utility Assistance-12, Personal Comfort Kits-16, Clothing Items Distributed-13, Furniture Items Distributed-4, Housing Assistance-22, Toys Distributed-195, Other Services-267, referrals to other Community Resources-48.  Total persons served-782.

November 2011                                                                                                                                         Grocery orders provided-681, Utility Assistance-11, Personal Comfort Kits-8, Clothing Items Distributed-429, Furniture Items Distributed-3, Housing Assistance-25, Toys Distributed-196, Other Services-61, referrals to other Community Resources-87.  Total persons served-670.

December 2011                                                                                                                                         Grocery orders provided-621, Utility Assistance-8, Personal Comfort Kits-21, Clothing Items Distributed-0, Furniture Items Distributed-0, Housing Assistance-20, Toys Distributed-147, Other Services-227, referrals to other Community Resources-127.  Total persons served-634.