NEED KNOWS NO SEASON-Five Reasons for you to say “Yes!”

“Let us light countless candles of simple kindness, not only for ourselves, but for the neediest amoung us.  Our many generous friends make our work possible.  And the world is a brighter, more hopeful and livable place because of it.”  General Paul A. Rader (R) The Salvation Army


The Salvation Army is “by far the most effective organization in the U.S.  No one even comes close to it in respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication, and putting money to maximam use.”  Peter Drucker, Management Expert and Author, as quoted in Forbes magazine. 


82 cents of every dollar spent is used to sustain life-changing programs that bring hope to hurting souls.   82% Programs & Services   6% Fundraising   12%  Administrative support  Source:  Latest National Salvation Army Annual Report

The Salvation Army “endures in large measure because it has earned a unique reputation and high level of public trust.  The Army is viewed as possessing a high level of legitmacy in the nonprofit sector because it has defined its mission in a principled fashion and stuck to it over a long period of time.”  Booz Allen Hamilton, The World’s Most Enduring Institutions

3.  NEED

Homelessness-As increasing numbers of individuals and families face homelessness, we need your help to provide for their current needs and help them get back on their feet.

Disadvantaged Seniors-Thousands of elderly people on fixed incomes are living in proverty, often home-bound and without proper heating, food or other amenities.  You can help provide a touch of human kindness, along with meeting their physical needs.

Families In Need-These are women and children in our community who are victims of abuse within the family.  Your gift can help us provide them with safety, hope, and new paths to self-sufficiency.

Recovery-One of the hardest challenges to overcome is addiction to alcohol or drugs.  With your support, hundreds of addicts who want to be clean and sober can find the help, strength, and loving kindness it takes to change their lives. 

Disaster Victims-Where do people turn when their lives are shattered by disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, storms, earthquakes, wildfires?  We urgently need your help to be ready to provide for victims’ needs when they turn to us for help.


For the elderly, The Salvation Army operates senior residences and retirement communities, at moderate cost, in addition to providing hot meals to home-bound seniors.  Locally, visits are made to residents in care facilities and home-bound seniors receive food.  Your gifts are acts of love.

Salvation Army facilities are a safe haven for many women and children fleeing domestic violence.  Each year we help countless families through our shelters, maternity homes, day nurseries and other family services.  Locally, families, singles and seniors are able to access assistance with rent, utilities-gas & electric, prescription medication, clothing and food.  In addition, anyone is able to receive a well balanced meal Monday through Saturday at our Sally’s Kitchen feeding program.  In 2010 over 55,000 meals were served.  These are possible only with the help of caring people like you.

The Salvation Army has over 100 Adult Rehabilitation Centers across the U.S. to help men and women break free of alcohol and drug addictions.  Residents at these centers receive intensive counseling, life skills, and employment training, spiritual guidance, Christian Living classes–and hope for a fresh start.  Locally, anyone needing assistance with recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction may call their local Salvation Army for information on The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Grand Rapids, MI.

In cooperation with other agencies, The Salvation Army operates emergency shelters and provides disaster relief assistance to victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, storms, earthquakes, wildfires and other tragedies.  When someone in your community, or across the country, needs emergency help, your generosity allows us to be there for them.  Locally, when the oil spill accident took place in 2010 your local Salvation Army provided hundreds of meals. 


Do your gifts to The Salvation Army really make a difference for someone in need:  Listen to what these people have to say:

“My two girls and I were homeless and hungry.  The Salvation Army truly was our salvation.  The moment we stepped through the doors we felt hope and love.  We were given clean clothes, hot soup and sandwiches, and a place to sleep.  Later, they helped me find temporary work and now we have a little apartment.  We are a family again.”                —Sue

“I was a supervisor with a security company.  Things were going well, until I became ill and lost my job.  For the next eight years there seemed to be nowhere to turn.  At The Salvation Army I found people who really cared for me.  They believed in me and gave me the courage to do something for myself.  Thank you Salvation Army for restoring my self-respect.”              —Douglas

“Thirty years ago I was a pregnant 17-year-old living in a Salvation Army Home.  I learned alot about unselfish, unconditional love from The Salvation Army.  I received wonderful medical care and my high school diploma.  I kept my baby, who is 29 now, with three children of her own.  Please accept the enclosed check.  Thank you for all your work.  It is greatly appreciated by all the people The Salvation Army has helped.”     —Rachel

People young and old are finding help and much-needed hope at The Salvation Army

The Salvation Armys after-school programs help kids with moral character building and help with discover their God given potential.

Our Summer Camp in Grand Rapids and our Summer Day Camp program give every child a chance to experience God’s creation in a fun, safe environment.

The Salvation Army is a godsend for families struggling to put food on the table.

At The Salvation Army, we work to meet spiritual and emotional needs as well as physical needs.

When disaster strikes, The Salvation Army is often the first to respond with relief assistance…and we’re often the last to leave.